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Choosing your password

We recommend that you choose a strong password to help secure your account. Strong passwords are around 10 characters long and typically contain a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

Invite Code

You’ll need an invite code to complete registration. This code is contained in my email explaining how to register. If you’ve yet to contact me about your ceremony, please get in touch via the contact form to confirm my availability before you register.

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication is available as an extra level of security to protect your account. It requires an app on your phone (such as Google Authenticator) to generate a special six digit code in addition to your password. This is optional but we recommend that you enable 2FA after you have logged in. More information and settings can be found under the YOUR ACCOUNT / TWO FACTOR AUTH menu which will be visible once you are logged in.

Registration email

You’ll receive an email confirmation of your registration once complete. If you haven’t received your registration email, please check your junk folder. Some anti-spam filters can incorrectly send it there.

New User Registration
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