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Ceremony Livestream

A sophisticated funeral webcast and professional memorial video option.

Being a videographer at a funeral is a special honour. I can provide families with a beautiful memorial video tribute which captures all the tender moments of the ceremony. Using the latest livestreaming technology, the funeral or memorial ceremony is webcast in real time, stays online to be watched later, and is available to download and keep in HD quality. Family and friends who cannot be there in person can still feel part of the moment.

My funeral webcasts are fully-produced, multi-camera productions which go way beyond the standard chapel offering.

Webcasts enable family and friends to join together wherever they are. They have become an expected part of funerals, even more so since the Coronavirus COVD-19 restrictions, which  mean only 10 people can be present at a funeral.

As a professional who has worked for several leading television broadcasters, I film carefully, compassionately and unobtrusively.



What is a live webcast?

A live webcast is an online video which you watch through your web browser, just like streaming a TV program or a movie.

Funeral Videographer - Sydney Funeral Celebrant Stephen Lee


How can I watch?

The webcast can be viewed on any device – smartphones, tablets, desktop, laptops etc. You do not need to download an app or any software. Simply open up the webpage address I give you and the webcast will appear. You can also watch the webcast on your TV if you have Chromecast, Apple TV or similar hooked up.

Funeral Flowers - Sydney Webcast


How sophisticated is your webcast?

My high-quality webcasts are fully-produced, multi-camera productions. I can pick out the moments you need to see, capturing different shots from different angles, close-up and wide as appropriate. You'll also hear clear audio so you won't miss a word.

I am able to broadcast from almost any location, inside or outside, using professional audio and video kit.

I film compassionately and unobtrusively. It’s the closest thing possible to being there in person.


Webcast Video - Sydney Funeral Celebrant

Why is your webcast better than the standard chapel offering?

In comparison, standard chapel webcasts are filmed by a basic camera mounted high on a wall. This means they can only capture a single static shot from a distance so if anything happens outside of the camera shot, you won't see it. The footage is often low quality, meaning the webcast is blocky or blurry. Detail is difficult to make out, and because they are automated with no dedicated operator, they can suffer from issues such as terrible lighting and bad sound.

Holding Hands - Sydney Funeral Webcast


I am also able to include elements that standard funeral webcasts cannot, including tribute slideshows, video messages and special graphics. I can also include a real-time online memorial book so viewers can interact.

I include a HD video download of the ceremony afterwards as standard.


Video Tribute - Funeral Webcast Livestreaming Sydney


Can we leave messages for the family while we watch?

Yes. If the family request it, I can open an online memorial book on the webcast page so you may leave your memories, messages and comments for the family to read later.


Funeral Webcast Sydney


Can I watch the webcast at a different time?

Yes. The webcast is broadcast live, but when the livestream ends, the video will be available as a recording to watch at your convenience. Webcasts are online for one month, after which they automatically go offline.


Clergy - Funeral Webcast Livestreaming Sydney


Can I download a copy of the webcast to my device?

Yes. When the webcast is over, I upload a high-resolution copy (1080p) of the video to the same webpage. You can download this video in a selection of different resolutions.


Little Bay Chapel - Funeral Webcast Livestreaming Sydney


What resolution do you webcast in?

Webcasts are broadcast in the best resolution and quality I can achieve on site. In most cases we can broadcast in HD.

Livestreaming is a balance between picture quality and the data speed available at the ceremony location, which can vary for reasons outside my control.

A good livestream needs a good internet connection.Should it prove impossible to broadcast live, or should the live feed fail, I will record the ceremony and post it online as soon as possible.


Outside Memorial - Funeral Webcast Livestreaming Sydney

A memorial ceremony in Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens