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Kiss Me Quick Weddings

Simple short and straightforward weddings

from Sydney Marriage Celebrant Stephen Lee

Looking for an easy and quick wedding in Sydney? Sometimes all you need is a fun and fuss-free way to get married!

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The easiest way to get married!

Perfect for small weddings, elopement weddings, overseas couples, legals only ceremonies, second marriages, keeping it low key or on a budget.

Kiss Me Quick Weddings are a great alternative to the Registry Office.


Small and straightforward

Simple ceremony
Within 15km of Sydney CBD
Max 10 guests


Bigger events in more locations

Simple ceremony
Up to 40km from Sydney CBD
No limit on guests
Professional audio


All options for the full works!

Extended ceremony
Includes music, entrance, wedding parties
Up to 40km from Sydney CBD
No limit on guests
Professional audio

Stephen was so helpful, accommodating and lovely. Our ceremony was beautiful and fully customisable via Stephen’s easy-to-use online portal and he also organised all of our certificates and equipment hire, and had a comprehensive list of free ceremony spots around Sydney Harbour with pros and cons to each. He helped us through every stage and was really great considering we organised our wedding in 4 weeks. Stephen made us feel completely at ease in front of our guests and acted like we had known him forever which was great. We felt like we were being married by a close friend of ours. We couldn’t recommend Stephen more highly.!

Cam & Kaylee

Kiss Me Quick Wedding Google Review

Our special day was made possible through Stephen’s efficiency and professionalism. He gave valuable advice on getting married in Australia, and made sure that we got everything correct & ready on time. Being in Sydney for the first time, Stephen gave full and prompt attention to all queries we had, and made us feel at ease despite our wedding jitters. Thank you, Stephen, for arranging our intimate, personal and memorable ceremony right on Sydney’s waterfront!

Louie and Alvin

Kiss Me Quick Wedding Google Review

What’s a Kiss Me Quick Wedding?

A Kiss Me Quick Wedding in Sydney is the very essence of what getting legally married means; standing together in an intimate ceremony to make your vows to each other, keeping the formalities to a minimum. They’re simple, short and straightforward yet still memorable, modern and meaningful.

Stephen Lee - Sydney Marriage Celebrant Male

It’s the perfect wedding if you’re eloping, remarrying, keeping it low-key, on a budget, planning something intimate without frills or fanfare or having a ceremony overseas and need to do the legals before or after. Kiss Me Quick weddings are a great alternative to a Registry Office because they give you more choice over ceremony content, location and size.

No need for lengthy planning meetings. Quickly and easily design your own ceremony yourself using my unique online Ceremony Creator. Look through the choice of pre-prepared selections and pick whatever content, style and length suits you best. The legal requirements are automatically included, and you can add in a few personal details if you wish.

With me, the paperwork is painless. I’ll guide you through the process, fill out all the forms for you, register your marriage and issue you with a Marriage Certificate.

Visiting from overseas? I can help you get married in Sydney, making everything easy and enjoyable.

A Kiss Me Quick wedding in Sydney is exactly that – quick! But don’t forget, you still need to give a minimum of one month’s notice to get married in Australia. So make sure you plan ahead!

Free Venues for a Kiss Me Quick Wedding in Sydney

Get married in a harbourside park setting with panoramic Sydney views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge as your backdrop. Easily accessible, no need to book and best of all – free!

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Which kind of Kiss Me Quick Wedding do I need?

Answer these questions and find out if Bronze, Silver of Gold is the best wedding for you

Which kind of Kiss Me Quick Wedding do I need?
How many guests will be present?
Where will be wedding be held?
Will you walk down the aisle and/or have a bridal/groom party?
Will there be music in your ceremony (live or recorded)?

The easy and simple way to get married

Keeping your Kiss Me Quick wedding easy, enjoyable and fuss-free


Quick, simple and secure online booking and payment plus a personal Dashboard for all your documents. Minimum fuss, maximum ease.


All legal forms and certificates prepared, witnessed, lodged and registered for you. Just sign here!


Choose and personalise your own ceremony online. Customise content and length. Easy as 1,2,3. Unique and exclusive to my clients!


Personal and professional service with a face-to-face meeting to say hi, complete the pre-wedding legal formalities and answer all your questions.


For Silver and Gold ceremonies, a loud and clear professional PA system and microphone so nobody misses a thing.


A Commemorative Marriage Certificate included in all ceremonies. Extended BDM Certificates also available.

Kiss Me Quick Wedding Extras

Simple weddings with some extra sparkle to make your marriage even more memorable

Sydney Marriage Celebrant Weddings Rings Certificate


All certificate options for all your needs

Sydney Harbour Wedding Styling 02 - Stephen Lee Marriage Celebrant Sydney


Your choice of chairs, arch and accessories

Marriage Register and Certificate - Stephen Lee Sydney Marriage Celebrant


Need to book two people as witnesses?

Wedding Livestream


Livestream your wedding online

Wedding FAQ

About your Kiss Me Quick Wedding in Sydney

I have three tiers of Kiss Me Quick wedding ceremonies so there’s the right one for everyone!

Bronze is small and straightforward – the simplest ceremony, within 15km of Sydney CBD with a maximum of 10 guests. $550.

Silver keeps the simple approach but expands the venue possibilities to within 40km of Sydney CBD with no limit on guest numbers. $750.

Gold is the full works! This adds to the Silver with music, professional audio, an aisle entrance, wedding parties etc. Everything you’d expect at a “full service” wedding. $900.

Full details of my fees and inclusions are listed on my Fees page. Click here to view them.

My Ceremony Creator is an unique and fun way to choose your own ceremony online. You’ll be asked to enter some basic information about yourselves, and then you’ll be taken through each stage of the marriage ceremony. At each step, you can choose from a variety of different pre-prepared options. The information you enter at the start will help to personalise the ceremony. You control the content and the length – you can skip some sections if you wish. The legal sections are automatically added, so at the end you’ll have a completed, legal marriage ceremony ready to go. Too easy!

You do not need to fill out any official forms yourself! I will complete all the forms, certificates and required paperwork on your behalf. All you need to do is to check them and then sign. I also take care of all official lodgements, registrations and certificates. So easy!

Very easy! I marry many couples from overseas who come to Australia just to get married. In this case there are special arrangements to sign your Notice of Intended Marriage in your home country. I provide full instructions! If you live overseas, we conduct our pre-wedding meetings online.

To get married here, you do not need to be an Australian citizen or resident and there is no minimum residency requirement. Fly in, get married, fly out!

BRONZE is the simplest option for small weddings with up to 10 guests present within 15km of Sydney CBD. Two of your guests will also act as official witnesses but the 10 does not include the marrying couple, the Celebrant or the Photographer(s) and/or Videographer(s). The beauty of this type of ceremony lies in its simplicity, so we don’t have elements like an entrance, wedding parties and music; we simply gather everyone together, get to the point, and get you married!

SILVER keeps the same simple, short and stripped-back approach as Bronze, but there’s no limit on numbers and the venue can be up to 40km from Sydney CBD.

GOLD expands the Silver options to include a bridal/groom entrance, exit, wedding parties and ceremony music.

No. A Kiss Me Quick wedding in Sydney is a basic ceremony designed to keep everything simple and straightforward, so what you see if what you get. If you’re looking for something more than the no fuss, no frills approach, my Tailor-Made Weddings offer a bespoke ceremony with extensive personalisation, complexity and extra elements.

The difference is the content and length of the ceremony. A Tailor-Made ceremony is fully bespoke, researched and written from scratch by me, with whatever elements you wish included. It lasts up to 30 minutes. Best choice for couples who put a lot of importance on the ceremony part of the day.

The Kiss Me Quick Gold option is a short ceremony chosen yourself from pre-written options lasting up to 15 minutes. Best choice for couples who are less focussed on the ceremony and want the formalities kept short and very simple.

When making your choice, also take into account the expectations of you and your guests. Kiss Me Quick weddings are perfect for more casual locations such as parks and backyards. If you’ve chosen a formal venue and you’re also investing in florals and styling, consider if Kiss Me Quick may be too quick!

Bronze and Silver Weddings – 10 to 15 minutes.

Gold Weddings – 15 minutes.

Kiss Me Quick Weddings are ideal for a range of informal locations, such as parks, gardens, back yards, at home, restaurants, bars, beaches, etc. Because of their simplistic nature, they’re not recommended for large or formal wedding venues where expectations around the ceremony are different.

The simple nature of Kiss Me Quick weddings means a pre-booking meeting is not required and all the information you need to know is on my website. But I’m always up for a chat! We can arrange an online video call if you’d like to ask questions. A face to face meeting is held once you have booked and I have all your information and forms ready to be signed. Streamlining the process in this way is one of the things that keeps the fee lower.

Absolutely yes! We meet in person after you have booked so we can sign your initial paperwork and run through what will happen on the day. You can also ask all your questions and work out any final details.

Bronze weddings – a PA is not required because there are 10 people or less present.

Silver weddings – I bring a PA and microphone so the ceremony is clearly audible to all.

Gold weddings – I bring my professional PA system with a microphones, input for music and line out for wedding videographers. If you’re having recorded music, simply tell me what songs you’d like and I look after all of that for you.

At least 15 minutes before the ceremony start time for Bronze and Silver.

30 minutes prior for Gold weddings.

In line with the aim of keeping everything as uncomplicated and straightforward as possible, payment for Kiss Me Quick Weddings is made in full on booking. You’ll be provided with a copy of the full Terms and Conditions during the booking process. You can pay my credit or debit card or by Bank Transfer.

Kiss Me TOO Quick?

Looking for something more bespoke? My Tailor-Made Weddings are unique and fully personalised ceremonies. Find out more!

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