Available at extra charge

Bring your friends and family together wherever they are to be part of your ceremony. Livestream your ceremony for those who can't be there in person.

But don't ask a mate to wave a phone in the air for 20 minutes. We can broadcast your wedding (or any other ceremony) using the latest professional kit.

  • - Professional High Definition Livestreaming camera
  • - Small and discreet setup
  • - Multiple angles
  • - Clear audio
  • - No worries about batteries running out or exceeding your data allowance


We'll stream in HD to a Facebook live event page so you can control who can view. In the lead up to the wedding day, you can invite specific people to watch or share the link publicly.

Online guests can watch live or rewind to the beginning, and leave comments for you. When the live event is over, the video remains online to watch whenever you wish.

Do you have some friends who are not on Facebook? We can also upload the ceremony video to YouTube or Vimeo after it's finished and give you the link to share, if you wish.

Livestreaming your ceremony is a great way to make sure nobody misses out!

Livestreaming is dependent on factors out of our control like mobile data speeds and signal strength. If there's restricted coverage at your venue, we'll stream at lower speeds to ensure the broadcast continues. We simultaneously record while we stream, so if internet coverage drops out, we'll publish the recorded backup as soon as possible. The stream quality at the viewer’s end will depend on the viewer’s internet connection and computer specification. We stream from a fixed camera and while we offer multiple angles, it is not a substitute for a professional videographer.