5 steps to success

Step 1
Initial Meeting

So you've looked through my website and you'd like to meet me. Great!

Our introductory meeting is all about getting to know each other. You can tell me all about your wedding and any initial plans or thoughts you have, ask lots of questions, and check me out. I'll run you through the process and the paperwork, and explain how we create your perfect ceremony.

It's a very relaxed, no-obligation chat which takes 30 minutes, scheduled at a convenient time around your other commitments. While you think about your next move, I'll reserve your date for you so nobody else jumps in ahead of you.

Step 2
Booking Confirmation

Once you give me the green light, it's really simple to start the ball rolling. You complete my online booking process which gives me all the information I need to produce your legal paperwork and start planning your ceremony. It's an easy-peasy 15 minute job and you can upload copies of your supporting documents too. You can also save your progress and return at any time. The final step is a deposit payment which confirms your booking.

When I receive your information and deposit, I will prepare the first of your legal forms - the Notice of Intended Marriage. This document gives official notice of your marriage plans and is signed no more than 18 months or no less than a month before your wedding. From start to finish, I'll look after all the required legal paperwork on your behalf. All you need to do is sign!

You'll also have access to a wealth of planning resources on my website to give you lots of help and advice as you start to map out your ideal ceremony. My Wedding Wiki section covers everything you need to think about, including:

Ceremony essentials /  Content ideas /  Ceremony setup /  Writing your vows /  Practicalities

Step 3
Planning Meeting

Around two months ahead of your wedding date I’ll be in touch to arrange a detailed planning meeting so I can begin the ceremony writing process.
This meeting takes an hour and allows me to get to know as much about you both as I can. I'll have lots of questions to ask, and I'll guide you through what I need to know. If you have any ceremony ideas, we can talk them through. Equally if you're still working from a blank sheet of paper, that's fine too - I'll help you focus on what you need to think about and the decisions you need to make.
There are no time-consuming or awkward questionnaires to fill out and you don't have to write anything down. It's just a very natural, face-to-face relaxed chat. Your ceremony takes shape in my head as a clear brief emerges.
This is also when we do the official ID checks and all sign your Notice of Intended Marriage.

Step 4
Word Wizardry

I'll use all the information, stories and thoughts from our planning meeting to write you an awesome and unique ceremony. I'll also contact friends and family for their insights to make the ceremony as inclusive as possible, liaise with other suppliers as required, and organise things like your music. I write everything for you because you've trusted the ceremony to me as a professional interviewer and writer, so sit back and relax! (There is one exception of course; your vows. Only you can write those, but I can help with examples and ideas!)
Once written, I send you the script so you can make any tweaks or edits and give final approval. When I get the thumbs up, we'll be good to go. I'll also be in touch close to the wedding day with some last minute advice and tips to make sure you're fully prepared and briefed in advance. There's no need for a rehearsal; you have plenty of other things to do in the busy lead up. I have the experience and expertise to take charge on the day to ensure your wedding happens effortlessly around you.


Step 5
The Big Day

Marrying you is only one part of my role as your celebrant. When the day comes, I'll take responsibility for everything ceremony-related; from the music to the mother-in-law.
The ceremony won't begin until I have seen and spoken to you both. I'll greet you both separately as you arrive, answer any last minute questions and ensure you're relaxed and ready. There's a final legal declaration to sign and then I'll get things moving!
I'll guide you through the ceremony, and give you both your vows on a card when we get to that part of the ceremony, so no worries about having to remember any words. The same goes for any readings.
Everyone has a brilliant time, and when the champagne corks are popping, I slip away to let the party begin! But that's not the end - I'll be in touch again after honeymoon for a final check-in for any post-wedding follow-ups.