Marriage Certificates

Celebrant-issued Marriage Certificate

Marriage Celebrant Sydney Stephen Lee Standard Marriage Certificate

On your wedding day, I will issue you with an official Marriage Certificate.

This is legal evidence of your marriage, which shows your names and the date and place of marriage.

If you do not wish to change your surname after marriage, this certificate is usually sufficient.

This certificate is included in your ceremony fee.


BDM-issued Certificate

NSW BDM Sample Standard Marriage Certificate - Marriage Celebrant Sydney Stephen Lee

To change your surname (or for other official reasons such as visa applications, as directed), you must request a Standard Marriage Certificate from the your state Birth Deaths and Marriages Department, which shows ALL the details of your marriage registration.

This is the certificate you must produce when changing to a new surname after marriage. This certificate is only issued by your state BDM department, which charges a processing fee.

BDM departments may also offer a choice of commemorative certificates in different styles.

Certificates are sent to you by the Registry, using registered post.

For Tailor-Made Weddings

As part of my overall service, I can order a standard certificate from BDM on your behalf, on a date of your choice, for up to two months after your wedding. It will be sent direct to you via registered mail. I do not charge extra for this service – the BDM processing charge will be included in your final invoice.

For Kiss Me Quick Weddings

You will be able to order your certificate once I have registered your marriage (usually same day, always within 24 hours). 

You can apply online, by post, or in person at a NSW service centre (if your marriage was held in NSW).

For marriages held in NSW:

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