Available at extra charge

Alex and Ellen Sydney Wedding - Stephen Lee Sydney Marriage CelebrantOccasionally couples ask if they need a rehearsal with me in attendance. My advice is no.

I ensure you are fully briefed, prepared and comfortable ahead of your ceremony without any need for a formal rehearsal.

With my many years of event hosting and public speaking experience, you can relax and let your ceremony unfold, knowing you’re in professional, experienced and capable hands.

I go above and beyond other celebrants by taking an active role on the day to ensure everything happens seamlessly around you. Just follow my instructions and you'll be good!


  • - My Wedding Wiki contains good advice on ceremony choreography so you can think about and plan the set-up well in advance.
  • When I send you your ceremony script, I include stage directions so you can visualise what is happening when as you read through. I also send you an email with some last minute advice and tips so everyone involved is fully prepared.
  • - On the day, I speak to everyone before the ceremony begins so we can have a final run-through and reminder of what’s about to happen.
  • - I ensure guests and the wedding participants are all in the right place at the right time before and during the ceremony.
  • - A big part of my job on the day is making sure everything runs to plan and smoothing over any hiccups seamlessly.
  • - Freshness and spontaneity are important elements of a successful wedding day.


I'll also send you some awesome advice and top tips leading up to the wedding so you're ready.

Formal rehearsals lack the setup and atmosphere of the wedding day, access to the venue can be difficult and getting everyone together is often problematic, so it bears little resemblance to the reality. Plus you have lots of other things to do in the lead up to the big day!

All you need to do is decide the order of the bridal party entrance and let them know. I'll be there to guide you all into position as you arrive and I'll ensure your music doesn't run out!

If you still feel you need a rehearsal, why not organise your own informal gathering on your own where you can practice your walk down the aisle?

If you decide to request a rehearsal with me, please note I am not available on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays because of ceremony commitments.