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Wedding Rehearsal

Livia and Darcy Royal Botanic Garden Wedding - Marriage Celebrant Sydney Stephen Lee

Additional fee

Do you need a wedding rehearsal? For the vast majority of weddings, the answer is – no!

How I help you prepare

I’ll ensure you are fully briefed, prepared and comfortable ahead of your ceremony without any need to formally rehearse. With my many years of event hosting and public speaking experience, you can relax and let your ceremony unfold. Don’t forget, I’m right beside you to guide you through every step of the way. Having conducted hundreds of weddings, you’re in professional, experienced and capable hands.

Top tips

In your ceremony script that you receive well ahead of the wedding day, you’ll see notes and instructions written in red so you can picture exactly what will happen and when. I also send you detailed advice and tips, including my special video, “Preparing for your ceremony”, which explains everything with detailed examples. For example, if you’re walking down the aisle to a song, I’ll advise on the correct duration of the music depending on the size of the wedding party and the venue. All you need to do is work out which order your party will be in as they make their entrance.

Additionally, my Wedding Wiki for Tailor-Made Weddings  contains good advice on ceremony choreography so you can think about and plan the set-up well in advance.

Unless you have a particularly complex setup, formal rehearsals can actually be counterproductive. They lack the setup and atmosphere of the wedding day, access to the venue can be difficult and getting everyone together is often problematic. And in the days leading up to the wedding, time is at a premium.

Hands-on help

My role as your Celebrant is much more than just presenting your ceremony. I take an active role on the day to ensure everything happens seamlessly around you.

I speak to everyone before the ceremony begins so we can have a final check and reminder of what’s about to happen. I ensure guests and the wedding participants are all in the right place at the right time before and during the ceremony And I always have an eye on what is happening throughout the ceremony to make sure I’m in full control at all times.

Complex Ceremonies

Part of my role as your Celebrant is to offer advice on whether a rehearsal is appropriate. If you are planning a particularly complex ceremony where I would recommend a run-through, or if you feel strongly that a rehearsal with me in attendance is absolutely necessary, it is available on request at extra charge. Ask me for details.