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Goodbye without God

I am a non-religious Humanist Celebrant. In an increasingly secular society, many of us seek purpose, beauty and joy in the one life we know we have. When the time comes to look back, those around us can take inspiration from the memories, achievements and legacy left behind and celebrate a life well lived.


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This truly was the most beautiful, touching, inspired and fitting ceremony I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of. I smiled, I laughed, I cried – and even though I sit here typing this with tears in my eyes, that alone brings me great comfort knowing Warren would have approved. We felt his presence all over it and I am so glad that I was able to share in it and say goodbye. Thank you for bring all those strands together to show what a beautiful tapestry he had woven across so many lives.


We were so lucky to have found you.

You were a breath of fresh air and you earned our complete trust.


Sydney Funeral Celebrant

Fitting farewells with care and compassion

As the famous quote says, nothing is certain except death and taxes. But when that time comes, dealing with death is difficult, daunting and distressing. Whether expected or unexpected, losing someone we love is the hardest time of our lives.

I believe there’s a better way to say goodbye through funerals, memorials and authentic life celebrations. I can help empower you to create a truly inspirational, affordable and authentic farewell. With empathy and understanding, together we can create a ceremony that’s not only personal, meaningful, sincere and authentic, but also uplifting, comforting and full of love.

A funeral doesn’t have to follow a formula. I can work with you to create a meaningful farewell of any shape or size in the location of your choosing – in a garden, on a beach, in a family home or any other special location. I tailor everything to you. It’s not about a strict 30 minute service in a chapel; it’s all about giving you the time and space you need. I’ll help you with lots of practical advice and help to organise what needs to be done. So I’m not just your Celebrant. I’m also your advocate and supporter, guiding you through the whole process of organising a funeral, helping you to identify different options and choices that may not be immediately apparent. I’m here, on your side, by your side.

We’ll choose the right style, the right elements and the right words to express your feelings. I’ll help you with your own personal written tributes, liaise and support those who are speaking, and co-ordinate the ceremony. We’ll ensure their wishes as well as your own are met. And with my background in public speaking broadcasting, the ceremony will be presented with professionalism and respect, as well as great care and warmth.

The Humanist View

I am a Humanist Celebrant. When the time comes to say goodbye, looking back at how someone lived helps us to find our own meaning and purpose.

Meaning is something that we create for ourselves through thought and experience, so we can live ethical and fulfilling lives on the basis of reason and humanity, and help others to do the same.

In an increasingly secular society, many of us seek purpose, beauty and joy in the one life we know we have. And when we do die, we will all live on in the work we have done and in the memories of the other people whose lives we have been part of.

Recommended Funeral Director in Sydney

I am part of Picaluna – a network of celebrants and professional planners creating authentic meaningful, family-led farewells. So not only can I conduct the funeral, I can also help plan it too. You can call us instead of a funeral director when someone dies and we can assist you with the practicalities from start to finish. 

Picaluna was born from a like-minded group of celebrants who came together after seeing the need to look after families in a different way to the traditional funeral home experience. We do death differently, helping families to create a better way to say goodbye. Picaluna aims to revolutionise the funeral industry by offering more bespoke experiences, without a rushed, cookie-cutter service.

Picaluna offers open and transparent pricing, and give back by donating 10% of our profits to a charity or cause nominated by the family. We team up with service providers such as florists, stationery providers, coffin suppliers, cemeteries and crematorium to tailor everything we do to suit the family’s needs.

With Picaluna, a funeral can be of any shape or size, and in any location. Many of our ceremonies take place away from the time-constricted chapel or crematorium; often in places of personal significance or even at home. We enable communities to mourn, honour, celebrate and rejuvenate, and we give you all the freedom, choice, guidance and time you need.

Picaluna Funerals

Funeral Webcast and Livestreaming Service

Bringing family and friends together in tribute

Funeral Webcast Streaming Service Sydney

CeremonyCast Sydney uses the latest livestreaming technology to bring family and friends together online to say their final farewells via a professionally produced live webcast.

Funeral webcasts are now a standard element of ceremonies, enabling those who can’t be there in person to still be part of an important moment.

We film carefully, compassionately and unobtrusively, capturing all the tender and moving moments of the ceremony. Our sophisticated multi-camera funeral webcasts include all the details and elements, such as tribute slideshows, video eulogies and music, filmed by a skilled videographer. We can also open a real-time online memorial book so viewers can leave memories and messages for the family.

Our webcasts can be viewed on any device without any need to download an app or software. Any number of people can watch, wherever they are. After broadcast, the video stays online as a recording to watch up to a month later. Our webcasts can also serve as a beautiful high-quality memorial video to download and keep.

Funeral webcasts from CeremonyCast are the closest thing possible to being there in person.

CeremonyCast is run by Sydney Funeral Celebrant Stephen Lee.

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