For Kiss Me Quick Bronze and Silver weddings

Addtional fee

A video of your ceremony is a great reminder of your special day.

We can record your wedding in a simple video that captures the joy of your ceremony but doesn't bust the budget. Now you don't have to ask a mate to randomly wave a phone in the air!

Why not bring your friends and family together wherever they are to be part of your ceremony? We can post your video online same day for them to watch.

Often there are people who are overseas, interstate or otherwise unable to be at your wedding. Sometimes numbers are restricted so some people miss out on an invitation. So let us help! We can upload the video to a private page on our website, so you can control who views. In the lead up to the wedding day, you can invite specific people to watch by sending them the website link.

  • - Professional High Definition Video camera
  • - Small and discreet setup
  • - Clear audio

We'll send you a link after the wedding so you can download your video. Here's an example:


Comments from Ceremony Videos

"Can’t stop watching it! Love you both!"

"Just seen the video here in UK! Glad you had a great day."

"Just sobbed my way through your wonderful ceremony!"

"That was awesome to watch. Congrats to you both!"

"I absolutely love this idea, so privileged to be invited!"

"What a lovely way to share your special day."