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Little light shining bright

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Sometimes the leather satchel I bring to every wedding feels a bit like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag, but it saved the day (or evening) with what I’d tucked away for a “just in case” moment!

Book light

Marriage Celebrant Sydney Stephen Lee - David and Tracy at Vaucluse Yacht Club - Book lightOne day ages ago I was passing through Dymocks when I spotted one of those little lights that you clip on to your book so you can read it under the covers at night. Thinking that might be handy one day, I bought one and tucked it away inside my satchel I bring to weddings. That contains everything you could ever need – like spare pens, safety pins, sticky tape, clips, scissors, batteries, tissues, needles and thread, mints, instant shoe polish and so on. I like to be prepared for any eventuality! And my bag came to the rescue for David and Tracy’s sunset wedding at Watsons Bay.

Sunset lifesaver

As we gathered to watch a beautiful sunset, I realised that there wasn’t any lighting on the deck… at all. And it was getting dark. Too dark to read my script! A slight moment of OMG… but then I remembered that trusty little book light with its bright LEDs! Out it came and it totally saved my life. Off we went with the wedding and it all proved rather atmospheric. We passed it around so the readers could see their readings, and Tracy and David could see their vows.

The photographer had his work cut out, but he did an amazing job. And the Baker Boys Band played as David and Tracy danced their way into married life.

Oh, and did I mention I went out and bought ANOTHER book light as a second backup?!


David and Tracy were married at Vaucluse Yacht Club in Watsons Bay.

Written by Stephen Lee
Marriage Celebrant Sydney