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Dealing with drama

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Sydney Marriage Celebrant Stephen Lee - Hand Hospital

What happens if the worst happens? That’s a question couples often ask during our initial meeting. Let me tell you…

At a wedding on Friday night, moments before I was due to start the ceremony, I managed to walk into a glass door carrying a glass of champagne which shattered in my hand. Ouch! I patched myself up with a first-aid kit and carried on with the wedding ceremony (because I couldn’t let my couple down of course) before jumping into a taxi to hospital. What you could describe as an occupational hazard for marriage celebrants turned into a two-hour operation to repair tendons and nerves and stitch me back together. (Thank you Sydney Hospital and Professor Gumley!)

All of that meant I was in hospital the next day when I was supposed to be marrying Joseph and Eva. In five years I have never missed a wedding, so I was very disappointed to let them down. But it also meant that my emergency backup plan swung into action.

I have an amazing circle of celebrant friends. We have regular meet ups to share stories, give advice and support each other, and we have a top-secret Facebook group. We all have each other’s backs, and so I was able to call on my wonderful friend and colleague Elizabeth Trevan. She dropped everything and took over Joseph and Eva’s wedding in a seamless transition. Joseph and Eva were very relaxed and understanding and their wedding went off without a hitch, thanks to Liz’s professionalism. I am so lucky to be part of that group. We share the same style and approach to our ceremonies, so we can step in for each other in a flash and still give our couples absolutely awesome weddings.

So should the worst happen, you can rest assured that you’ll be looked after. It’s so important to have a backup plan and hopefully it’ll be at least another five years before I have to use it again!

By Stephen Lee
Sydney Marriage Celebrant