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Dr Seuss Wedding Vows - Young Sydney Marriage Celebrant - Male Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Modern Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Wedding by Stephen Lee

Selfie stick with Sophie and Benton!

Weddings are all about fun, so when I asked Sophie and Benton to think of some wedding vows, they turned to Dr Seuss for inspiration!

Their wedding is a great example of how vital it is to have your Plan B in place. When we arrived, it was absolutely baking – well into the 30s. So we decided to move to the Plan B position, under a big shade only a few steps away. It was much cooler for everyone, but towards the end of their ceremony I could see the skies getting darker and darker. Almost as soon as we’d wrapped everything up – KA-BOOM! We almost jumped out of our skins thanks to the loudest clap of thunder right above us. And the next thing we knew it was absolutely pouring. What a good job we were all under cover! So come rain, or come shine, that Plan B could be a lifesaver.

I’m actually pretty soaked in the photo we took afterwards on my selfie stick, but I think I just about got away with it! Luckily the most important pair, Sophie and Benton, stayed dry.

We had a lot of fun in the ceremony itself and there was a lot of laughter and plenty of smiles. So if you’re wondering, here are the Dr Seuss wedding vows they chose.


STEPHEN: Will both of you, answer me now, These questions as your wedding vows?

SOPHIE: Yes, we will answer you now, Your questions as our wedding vows

STEPHEN: Will you take Sophie as your wife, Will you love her all your life?

BENTON: Yes, I take her as my wife, Yes, I’ll love her all my life

STEPHEN: Will you take Benton as your spouse?

SOPHIE: Yes, as long as he doesn’t dirty the house!

STEPHEN: Will you have, and also hold, Just as you have at this time told?

SOPHIE: Yes, we will have, and we will hold, Just as we have at this time told

BENTON: Yes, I will love Sophie all my life And I now take her as my wife

SOPHIE: Yes, I will love Benton all my life Yes, I will happily be his wife!

STEPHEN: Will you love through good and bad? Whether you are happy or sad?

BENTON: Yes, I’ll love through good and bad, Whether we’re happy or sad

STEPHEN: Will you love each other if you’re rich? Or if you’re poor and in a ditch?

SOPHIE: Yes, I’ll love him if we’re rich And I will love him, in a ditch

BENTON: I promise to love, all my life This woman as my lawful wife

STEPHEN: Will you love her when you’re fit, And also when you’re feeling sick?

BENTON Yes, I’ll love her when we’re fit, and when we’re hurt, and when we’re sick

STEPHEN: Will you love with all your heart? Will you love till death you part?

SOPHIE: Yes, we will love with all our heart from now until death do us part

STEPHEN Then if you’ll take her as your wife, And if you’ll love her all your life, And if you’ll have, and if you’ll hold, From now until the stars grow cold, And if you’ll love through good and bad, And whether you’re happy or sad, And love in sickness, and in health, And when you’re poor, and when in wealth, And if you’ll love with all your heart, From now until death do you part, Yes, if you’ll love each other through and through, Please answer with these words: I DO!



Sophie and Benton were married at Central Gardens in Merrylands, NSW.

Written by Stephen Lee
Marriage Celebrant Sydney