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Young Sydney Marriage Celebrant - Male Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Modern Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Wedding by Stephen LeeRob and Gail had some extra special guests at their wedding – Rob’s family in the UK who stayed up into the early hours to join us via Skype!

If you have friends and family who can’t make it to the wedding (for example. if it’s because of distance or they simply can’t travel), I have a professional setup to enable us to webcast your ceremony live in HD (where available). It works either via Skype or YouTube, depending on whether it’s people in one location or if they are spread far and wide.

I’ve noticed at several weddings that guests are holding phones in the air with Skype running, and it’s always unsatisfactory because the sound is terrible and Great Uncle Fred’s head is always in the way! So this is a way to send out quality sound and pictures, allowing everyone at the wedding to relax and enjoy, and not worry about batteries going flat or running out of data. It’s been a huge success at the weddings I’ve brought my kit along to, and it brings everyone together in a really memorable way. I’ve had brilliant feedback from friends and family far away who’ve been watching.

When the ceremony finished, everyone queued to congratulate Rob and Gail. But then a second queue formed – guests wanting to speak to Rob’s mum Denise on Skype! I was touched by how many people made the effort to come and say hi to them.

Afterwards, I had an email from Denise. She said:

“Thank you so much for letting us take part Stephen. It meant the world to us. The friends and family were brilliant, they made us feel very welcome.”

And that’s how to make the most of technology to bring friends and family together!

Written by Stephen Lee
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