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Going to the Chapel…

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It seems Vegas-style weddings where you’re married by Elvis in a Chapel of Love are back in fashion – just ask the long queue of couples waiting for me to “almost” marry them in Sydney last night!

[youtube id=”IgsE5DCEsYI” align=”center” size=”large”]

Young Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Male Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Modern Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Wedding by Stephen LeeSocial Diary threw its 2012 Christmas Party at Bungalow 8 in Sydney’s Darling Harbour for more than a thousand PR professionals, event producers, media, celebrities and friends. The theme was “Wedding Of The Year” with guests in full dress-up mode – with people dressed as mail order brides, wedding cakes, and bouquets!

I was there with my fellow Engage Celebrants. Five of us, all dressed as Elvis, officiated over Vegas-style ceremonies where couples “almost” married each other. They had a choice of three fun ceremonies, and we even gave them rings to exchange. They left with a special “almost married” certificate! Here’s a photo of me doing one of the many ceremonies of the night.

Check out my video above for a taste of what went on (although you won’t see me – I was behind the camera!

On Twitter this morning, Social Diary’s Tiffany Farrington described the annual party as the “best ever”.

It was certainly a lot of fun (if rather hot and sweaty under the big quiff wig!). Thirsty work too – but being a wedding theme, there was no shortage of champagne!

More photos over on my Facebook page!

Written by Stephen Lee
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