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Gorgeous Grove

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Centennial Park Wedding - Stephen Lee Sydney Marriage Celebrant

Sydney has some very special places to get married in and Kim and Dan picked one of my favourites – the gorgeous Pine Grove at Centennial Park.

There’s something about this spot. It could be how the sun’s rays come through the tree canopy to bathe the area with a dappled, warm light. It could be the maze of tree trunksall around, the calls of the birds in the trees, or a combination of everything.

Rustic Character did an amazing job with the seating – no two chairs the same, and the mixed bag of shapes, sized and styles looked great among the trees. Coupled with some fab florals from Pia and Jade and an awesome ceremony from me, this was a wedding to remember!

Watch the Marriage Minute to see how the ceremony unfolded.

Sophie and Nat were married in Centennial Park, Sydney.

By Stephen Lee
Sydney Marriage Celebrant