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Here comes the bride

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It’s a beautiful moment in every wedding ceremony – the moment the bride and groom’s eyes meet as the bride walks down the aisle.

Here comes the bride!

Sometimes (but not always) that’s the first time the couple have seen each other that day and in that moment there’s a huge rush of emotion. All eyes are on the bride as she walks towards her husband-to-be, but next time, steal a look at the groom. His face is always a picture and this is often a moment when there’ll be a tear or two. And that goes for the groomsmen too – I’ve conducted weddings where the whole groom’s party is crying!

It’s always a special moment too for whoever escorts the bride. Traditionally it’s her Dad, but it can be Mum, or Mum and Dad together – or indeed someone else the bride chooses. There are no rules, and no right or wrong way to get married!

Sahar and Paul’s wedding

That moment is something Sahar talked about in her wedding video. I married her and Paul at the Ivy in Sydney and their video really captures the whirlwind of emotion she experienced.

Here’s how she described it. “A Dad brings a daughter into the world and then he passes her on to another man to look after her. That’s going to be a very hard moment for my Dad because we are so close. Even though it’ll be really tough, the silver lining is that it’s Paul.“

A hard moment perhaps – but a very happy one too!

By Stephen Lee

Marriage Celebrant Sydney