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I Choose You

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Alex and Maria - Young Male Sydney Marriage Celebrant Stephen Lee - Wedding at Lion Gate LodgeWhen Alex wrote her wedding vows for Dave, she chose three words which summed up how she felt. And they weren’t the three words you’d expect.

I’m always really impressed when couples send me the vows they have written for each other. They are always, without exception, absolutely heartfelt and eloquent. One phrase I obviously hear a lot is “I love you”. But Alex went a different route. Her vows began:

“There are three words that are stronger than I love you. Today I stand in front of you to say ‘I choose you. “

And she went on to describe the many reasons behind that choice. It was a highlight of their ceremony which lots of guests talked about afterwards.

Their wedding was also a big celebration of family. Their little girl played a big role, and we talked a lot about the loving family they have created. And as a bonus (for me) several of my friends happened to be among the guests. Happy times!

Alex and Dave were married at Lion Gate Lodge, Sydney.

Written by Stephen Lee
Marriage Celebrant Sydney