Jason and Jessica

Stephen was absolutely wonderful and exceeded all of our expectations. He did practically everything for us making it so effortless, and took away a lot of the stress and pressure associated with planning such an event. He wrote the most perfect ceremony for us and he couldn’t have been more prompt, organised and fun!

What impressed us most was that he was incredibly professional, and is truly perfect for the career he has chosen. We discussed our desire to keep things as genuine, casual and informal as possible, and he delivered on this and so much more. Stephen created a friendly and warm atmosphere that was aimed at all of our guests rather than simply focusing on us like more traditional weddings do. His style and interaction with our guests really won people over, and truly captured their full and undivided attention.   The ceremony he created for us really put ourselves and our guests at ease, and as a result our guests felt comfortable enough to feel like they were truly a part of our special day.

Our guests clearly were enjoying themselves enough throughout the entire ceremony to join in on all of the tears and laughter. Many positive comments were made afterwards in regards to Stephens ceremony; some went as far as to say it was the best wedding they’d ever been to.