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Keep Your Cool

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Extreme Heat - Stephen Lee Marriage Celebrant Sydney

This summer has been a real scorcher. So what can you do when you’re dressed to impress in your wedding finery but soaked in sweat?  

Weddings outdoors in extreme heat are challenging. We’re not standing around in our boardies, bikinis and thongs – we are in suits, ties, and long dresses. Nobody wants burnt legs when you take your seat on a hot plastic chair, or sunburnt backs from sitting around wearing a beautiful backless dress.  

The heat can also spoil the dynamic of a ceremony in the same way that rain does. Everyone stops paying attention and starts fidgeting, hoping I won’t be talking for much longer! I can absolutely sense when that happens, which is a shame. Overheating can also make nerves and tempers fray, and sound and electronic equipment stop working.  

Top Tips

Here are my tops tips for keeping your cool in the Sydney summer:  

  • Stay hydrated
    Have plenty of water on hand for you and your guests.  And keep the alcoholic intake to a minimum.  
  • Stay shady
    Have some parasols to hand out, or ask guests to bring umbrellas. Is there natural shade at the venue we can use?  
  • Change location
    Should you trigger the Plan B venue?  
  • Your biggest fan
    How about providing some paper fans to keep things from overheating?  
  • Wear sunscreen
    Standing or sitting in the sunshine for 20 minutes is time enough to burn. Make sure you are protected.  
  • Grab a handkerchief
    Not just for tears – good for mopping your brow. A sweaty, dripping face on wedding photos isn’t a great look!
  • Dress for the occasion
    Not so much an issue for the girls, but for the guys. Is that three piece suit and tie really appropriate on a scorching day? Put your jacket on at the very last minute. Do you even need one – how about a smart shirt instead?  
  • Help me to help you
    I’ll do whatever I can to keep everyone comfortable. I’ll leave groomsmen and guests in the shade, and the bridal party in the air conditioned car until the last moment. And if I can see your guests are finding the heat too much, I can keep up the pace, or we can discuss in advance some paragraphs to lose to keep the ceremony zipping along.  

By Stephen Lee
Sydney Marriage Celebrant