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A different kettle of fish

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Young Male Sydney Marriage Celebrant - Wedding by Stephen LeeSometimes weddings can be a different kettle of fish – so why not get married under some too? That pretty much sums up Ethan and Jurrah’s basement bar party!

If you’ve been together a very long time, like these two, the way we approach your wedding changes. It’s very much a celebration of everything you’ve done and achieved together, and a chance to say thank you to everyone who’s contributed to your happiness over the years. Ethan and Jurrah threw a big party in a basement bar in Sydney to do just that, surrounded by all the people who matter to them.

It was a very relaxed and chilled out affair. Suits were banned in favour of Hawaiian shirts and cool cocktails. And without the formality, everyone chipped in with cheers, laughter, shouts and heckles – which was brilliant! I love it when everyone feels relaxed enough to do that and it makes the ceremony so inclusive and fun. Weddings don’t have to be traditional – they can be however you want them to be!

And the fish? Well they were lighting up the ceiling above the dance floor.

Young Sydney Marriage Celebrant - Male Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Modern Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Wedding by Stephen Lee

And if you’re getting married on the dance floor, what better way to get the party started?


Ethan and Jurrah were married under the fish at the Cliff Dive bar in Darlinghurst, NSW.

Written by Stephen Lee
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