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Kiss Me Quick!

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David and Victoria - Marriage Celebrant Sydney Stephen Lee

To-do list for weekend away in Sydney: (1) See the Opera House (2) See the Harbour Bridge (3) Get married!

I’m sure there were plenty more things on David and Victoria’s list but I was at least able to help out with number 3. Visiting from Melbourne, they picked a spot in Bradfield Park on Sydney’s lower north shore for their wedding, with the city’s iconic sights all around them.

Victoria and David chose one of my “Kiss Me Quick” weddings. Because it was a very intimate and relaxed wedding with just a handful of their family there, it was the perfect choice for them. Kiss Me Quick ceremonies are easy and fuss-free where you use my Online Ceremony Creator to quickly and easily build a simple marriage ceremony from a series of pre-written choices. It’s really so simple and (certainly at the moment) unique, because no other Sydney Marriage Celebrant is offering the same service. It was challenging but great fun for me to build on my website and I’m really pleased with the result. Not everyone wants to make a huge song and dance around their wedding, so it’s a more appropriate choice for some couples. The idea came when I was redesigning my website, and I had the technology at hand to create something which I knew people would find useful. There are a couple of small provisos, but it’s more flexible and cheaper than going to the Registry at peak time! It fits perfectly alongside my Online Booking Process, so all your ceremony preparation can be done 100% online. Too easy! And that’s the point – because I want to make sure everything to do with your marriage ceremony is as easy and fun as it can be.

David and Victoria personalised their ceremony further with some very eloquent vows they wrote for each other. When they talked about being a match made in heaven, it was spot on, seeing as they first met on a plane! Whatever ceremony couples choose, those extra words where you put your feelings into your own words is so important, so I always encourage everyone to write personalised vows. It’s undoubtedly always a highlight of a marriage ceremony.

So if you’re reading this and think a Kiss Me Quick wedding could be what you’re looking for, you can check out more details, and even try out the Online Ceremony Creator without obligation.

David and Victoria were married at Bradfield Park, Milsons Point.

By Stephen Lee
Sydney Marriage Celebrant