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Koichi, Mami and the elephants!

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Koichi and Mami married by Stephen Lee at Taronga Zoo

Marrying Koichi and Mami at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo was such fun, even the elephants got in on the act!

Koichi and Mami chose the beautiful rotunda at the zoo which has amazing views across the harbour. It was a small and intimate wedding – everyone had flown in from Japan for the ceremony so it was close friends and family only. It was also the bride and groom’s first visit to Sydney so we gave everyone an extra special welcome.

As I was setting up, I had my fingers crossed that the clouds would clear in time. And guess what – they did! So we had some sunshine to welcome everyone.

A laughing Kookaburra was lapping up the attention from the children as we waited. They’d never seen one before, so it was fun watching their reaction.

Mami looked so beautiful as her father walked her down the aisle and Koichi looked so proud to be waiting for her. And I was just a little bit proud because I’d prepared a welcome in Japanese and everyone managed to understand me despite a dreadful accent!

As we started the ceremony, I could hear the elephants below us starting to make some noise – and then suddenly they all burst into great bouts of trumpeting! We all laughed and I’m sure it was their way of sending the happy couple their congratulations too!

Koichi and Mami were married at Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Written by Stephen Lee
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