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Life is Sweet

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Mahan and Poppy at Curzon Hall - Marriage Celebrant Sydney Stephen Lee
Mahan and Poppy at Curzon Hall

Combining and celebrating different cultures at a wedding is a great thing to do, just as Mahan and Poppy did with their Sofreh table.  

The Sofreh is a very important tradition at Persian weddings. Sofreh means spread, and everything on the table represents an element of the bride and groom’s new life together.   Mahan’s father Morris created the table especially for the wedding, bringing many of the items from overseas, adding an extra special family touch to proceedings.  

We brought the ceremony to a close by turning to the Sofreh table, and to the pot of honey. The sweet items on the table represent the many wishes for a sweet life shared by the bride and groom. So Poppy and Mahan each dipped one finger into the cup and fed the honey to one another.   The symbolism of honey has roots in Persian culture that pre-date even the culture itself.  The fertility god of Egypt, Min, was offered honey, and in Persian lore honey is recommended for healing purposes.  

So for Mahan and Poppy, married life got off to a totally sweet start!

Mahan and Poppy were married at Curzon Hall, Marsfield.

By Stephen Lee
Sydney Marriage Celebrant