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A line in the sand

Niki and Marl - Same Sex Wedding - Stephen Lee Sydney Marriage Celebrant
Niki and Marl’s beach ceremony

Could 2017 be the year we finally achieve marriage equality in Australia? I certainly hope so, but in the meantime, couples like Nik and Marl don’t want to wait to celebrate their love stories.

I can’t believe we are still having this conversation. Even as I write this, I’m looking at news headlines about whether or not celebrants should be allowed to opt-out and exempt themselves from conducting same sex marriages. I have a simple message for them: you should opt-out of celebrancy completely. Thankfully there are plenty of fellow celebrants like me who are doing everything we can to support same sex marriage.

While we wait, we continue to help couples celebrate, because life goes on irrespective of political arguments. A great example was Nik and Marl’s recent wedding, which took place at Maroubra on a sunny Sydney summer’s day. They chose Maroubra because it’s one of their favourite places and there was a beach theme running throughout the ceremony, with bouquets made not from flowers, but from sand and shells in a little bucket. Great touch!

Afterwards as I was packing my bag, one of their guests came up to me and explained it was the first time she had been invited to a same sex wedding. She said she wasn’t sure what to expect, which I think was really quite an honest admission, but went on to say what a happy and joyful occasion it had been (so just like every other wedding of course!). In other words, the sky didn’t fall in, so the quicker our Government realises the same thing, the better.

Marl and Nik’s commitment ceremony was held at Horizons Maroubra.

Thanks to Charlie Sharpe Images for sharing his photos of the wedding. Check out his other work on his website!

By Stephen Lee
Sydney Same Sex Celebrant