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Long live live streaming

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Livestream Camera on beach - Stephen Lee Marriage Celebrant Sydney

2020 has been a year of having to do things in new ways. I’m keen to see which of the changes will stick.

Perhaps the biggest change to come from COVID is how we’ve embraced technology in response to the rules around guest numbers and social distancing.

A few months ago, most people had no idea what’s QR code was. Now it’s second nature to whip out your phone and use the code for your COVID check in. It’s interesting to watch this in action; many wedding guests see the code and check in without me asking.

The other technology that’s really taken off is video calling, webcasting and ceremony live streaming. We’ve all been able to FaceTime or Skype each other for a long time but in general it wasn’t mainstream across the generations. Working from home has changed all that and video contact is now second nature. As a result, people are also now much more comfortable with asking for a wedding webcast. In fact, it’s now pretty much the norm instead of the exception.

I’ve always offered live streaming in my suite of wedding and funeral services but demand this year has exploded. So much so that I decided to spin it off into its own company – CeremonyCast – to meet demand. I realised that this was an answer to help friends and family who couldn’t get to ceremonies because of lockdown, travel restrictions or reduced numbers. I can’t really overstate the reaction it’s brought. People are so grateful to feel part of the moment from afar.

Wedding Livestream

I’ve learned so much along the way and my background in TV has been a massive help too. I have created a professional webcast service at the right affordable price point that opens up live streaming to everyone. Webcasting technology has reached a point where a single operator – me – can produce great results. It’s all about capturing the moment with different camera angles and pro-audio without being obtrusive or overpowering. And it sure beats your mate waving a phone in the air to try and capture the ceremony! That may have been OK once but people really do now appreciate the importance of a quality webcast.

Will live streaming stick around after COVID? I think it will. It was born from neccessity but it’s grown to become so valuable. Hop over to my other website and find out more: CeremonyCast is ready and waiting!