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March into Hello May

HIRES Joel and Lucy - Sydney Marriage Celebrant Stephen Lee

When I arrived at Lucy and Joel’s wedding earlier this month to find them having some photos taken in a laundromat, I knew it was going to be a stylish celebration! 

I’d married Amalia, one of Lucy’s close friends a while back (in an equally unusual and beautiful ceremony which you can also read about in my blog) and Lucy was there, so when she asked me also officiate her wedding, I was delighted.

We had fun sharing stories in their ceremony about how Lucy would see Joel’s car outside the cheesecake shop where he worked and would go in to buy a can of Solo (that she never drank) just to see him. And Joel would always be very keen to work the front counter….

With their pug Bodhi the first guest invited and a great choice of venue, it all turned out to be rather special. And so you can now read more about Joel and Lucy’s wedding on the Hello May wedding blog.

By Stephen Lee
Sydney Celebrant