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Marriage Milestones

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500 Weddings - Stephen Lee Marriage Celebrant Sydney

Milestones are like buses – you wait for ages and three come at once!

Wow. I’ve just passed by 500th ceremony! There’s a milestone worth celebrating. I can vividly remember each and every one and they’ve come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re wondering, the 500th was two guys getting married at home with just their Mums with them as their witnesses. Very special for many reasons.

Talking of which, I’m just about to hit my 100th same sex marriage since the law changed in December 2017. Having officiated at Australia’s first male same sex wedding that month, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some truly lovely people and celebrating some amazing relationships. Many have been couples who’ve been together for decades.

And the final milestone? I’ve passed 150 5-star Google Reviews.

Thank you to all the awesome couples who have chosen me as their Celebrant!

By Stephen Lee
Sydney Marriage Celebrant