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Michelle and Guil

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Michelle and Guil Wedding at Centennial Park - Stephen Lee Sydney Marriage Celebrant

Did someone say Tequila? Michelle and Guil’s laid-back garden party wedding ceremony ended with shots for everyone!

Laid-back and relaxed weddings in a garden or park are always fun, and Michelle and Guil’s was no exception. They had a beautiful sunny afternoon in Sydney’s Centennial Park, and their venue is pet friendly, so they were able to bring their dog along to take part too. Weddings are about family, inclduing the fur ones!

Talking of family, their little girl had a big role to play too. She was with her Mum and Dad at the front, and Michelle and Guil included her in some vows. I always say how important it is to include the little ones in the wedding, especially when they’re at an age when they understand what’s going on. Of course, she stole the show when she answered my “I Do” question, which was a really special moment that resonated with everyone watching!

And while we were signing the register, those tequila shots were poured and handed out to the guests. To finish off, we all did a just married toast to the newlyweds…. down in one! That’s definitely how to get the party started!

Watch the Marriage Minute to see how the ceremony unfolded. Check out the amazing hand-made macramé arch!

Michelle and Guil were married at the Superintendent’s Residence in Centennial Park, Sydney.

By Stephen Lee
Sydney Marriage Celebrant