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Norway Nuptials

Leyla and Camilla started as study buddies but are now a team in a league of their own – as partners in marriage!

Leyla and Camilla’s paths first crossed at Macquarie University. Camilla had just arrived in Sydney on a study trip and her tutor suggested she should attend the same tutorial as Leyla because they were both from Norway!

It clearly worked, as I had the pleasure of marrying them, surrounded by family from Norway, friends from Sydney and fellow Xenites from far and wide, As the Warrior Princess says, “Warriors like us make our own fate”. Perfect advice from Xena, who had a few mentions in Leyla and Camilla’s fun and relaxed wedding ceremony in The Rocks.

Watch the Marriage Minute to see how the ceremony unfolded.

Leyla and Camilla were married at The Australian Wine Emporium in The Rocks.

By Stephen Lee
Sydney Marriage Celebrant