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Now you see me….

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I’m not just a Marriage Celebrant, I’m also a magician – I’ve perfected the disappearing act! Now you see me…. now you don’t. So let’s talk wedding photos!

The perfect wedding ceremony is as much about the presentation as the content. One of my pet hates is looking at wedding photos and seeing the celebrant standing right behind the couple as they share their first kiss as husband and wife. I find myself shouting “Get out of the way!” at the screen! This is something photographers gripe about ALL the time, and you can understand why. So you won’t EVER find me in that photo.

Mark and Emily's Bendooley Estate Berrima Wedding - Young Male Sydney Marriage Celebrant Stephen Lee

Mark and Emily. Thanks to

In fact, I try my best to keep out of the photos full stop. I’m certainly not camera shy, but this is your wedding, not mine. I want to give your photographer the best chance I can to catch all those little moments. So don’t be offended that I don’t stand between you very much! I’ll be there for the legal parts, but the rest of the time I’m off to the side or wandering around. That gives your photographer ample opportunities to get some brilliant photos of you and your family and friends.

Most couples write their own vows which is always a wonderful highlight of the ceremony. Again, too many celebrants photobomb that shot. I stand clear so not be the gooseberry as you declare for love for each other.

Look at the photo from Emily and Mark’s wedding. I’m standing behind Mark, but in such a way that the photographer can angle me out as much as possible. If I’d been wearing a darker jacket, I probably would have blended into the tree like a stick insect! That’s my aim – I want your wedding to be as visually perfect as possible. I’m sure the wedding photographers I work with will be able to tell you some terrible stories of various people spoiling the perfect shot.

Young Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Male Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Modern Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Wedding by Stephen Lee

Saying the legal vows and exchanging wedding rings. I’m up there with Dan and Tess, but doing my Invisible Man act! A good celebrant appreciates the visual aspects of a ceremony and knows how to help make the photos look good.

Here’s another example from Tess and Dan’s ceremony. You can see my hand and the mic, and that’s about all. I’m hiding behind Tess’s veil! A lot of this is also down to the photographer’s skill, working out the best angle to take the photo from. Anything I can do to help, the better.

It’s one more thing I think of that probably never even occurred to you as I plan your wedding…. and as you can see, not all celebrants are the same!


Written by Stephen Lee
Marriage Celebrant Sydney