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On Top Of The World

Same Sex Gay Wedding - Stephen Lee Young Male Sydney Marriage Celebrant

We were on top of the world for James and Keegan’s wedding!

James and Keegan organised a very intimate and stylish wedding at the family home in the Blue Mountains, so we had some spectacular scenery as a backdrop. Ceremonies at home are always special, and this was no exception.

Special suit

James, a designer himself, arrived wearing a suit created just for him by the designer of Opera Australia. Friends and family gathered in the gardens and there wasn’t a dry eye as they said their vows to each other.

Keegan’s sister wrote very eloquently about the wedding in a letter published on Yahoo 7 recently. You can read it in full here, but here’s the final paragraph. She said,

“I cannot wait for this wedding. I’m certain there will be an abundance of glitter, confetti, offensively good looking dresses, queens – but most importantly LOVE. And we are going to indulge in the glory of this ceremony whether the government in all its ignorance likes it or not.”

And how right she was!

“Truly incredible”

Afterwards Keegan messaged to say, “Stephen, you were magnificent!!! The best celebrant we could’ve hoped for.” And James said, “Truly incredible! Thank you so much for making the best day in my life so, so much better.”

Congratulations guys!