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Relationship Education Courses

Young Sydney Marriage Celebrant - Male Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Modern Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Wedding by Stephen Lee

Part of my role as a Marriage Celebrant is to offer help and resources around marriage and relationships. It can help couples who want to:

• explore their similarities and differences
• strengthen their capacity to communicate and practice skills which will help avoid arguments in the future
• address specific issues that may be worrying the couple prior to committing to marriage
• reach practical decisions about how their lives will be once they are married

Pre-marriage counselling is also a chance for engaged couples to consider the basic principles of what marriage means to them. In this way, couples can enter into married life with a clearer picture of their own and each other’s expectations of marriage, and better skills to help them cope with some of the inevitable compromises that come with any relationships.

Home course

Young Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Male Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Modern Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Wedding by Stephen Lee
Helpful resources for relationship education

Keys to Living Together

Our relationships with the people around us have significant influence on our wellbeing. For most of us, at any given time, there is a special relationship which affects our lives more than any other. Despite its importance we often don’t think about how this central relationship is working or if it can be improved.

The Keys to Living Together kits aim to provide you with useful tips, advice and ideas to enhance your relationships. Each kit consists of a video and mini magazine.

Every video in the series is available on my website to watch and you can also download the associated booklet.

Class Courses

There are several organisations which offer support to couples before and after marriage. The classes cover:

• Exploring your relationship strengths and growth areas
• Understanding assertive communication and active listening
• Resolving conflict
• Being aware of and coping with major sources of stress
• Focusing on couple and family goals

The cost varies slightly depending on the counsellor and location. The courses are run on an appointment basis.