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Sister Act

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Steve and Karen - Young Male Sydney Marriage Celebrant Stephen Lee - Wedding at Hopewood House Bowral

Steve and Karen at Hopewood House in Bowral

Family isn’t always defined by who you are related to. Steve and Karen’s wedding was a big celebration of an extended family who have all brought love and joy to each other.

This wedding began with a quote from Steve himself: “We love encompassing people into our joy, and there’s a lot of that – so come for the ride, it’s a lovely ride!”

That’s something they have done with gusto, opening their hearts to form a wonderful blended family. Steve’s best man was his young son James,, and Karen’s best girl was her “sister” Trisha.

Sister Act

Karen has been Trisha’s “big sister” for five years. They were brought together under the big sister mentoring program and Trisha is very much part of the extended family too. So it was only right that both Trisha and James should be with Karen and Steve on such a big occasion. That itself speaks volumes about the love that this bride and groom have for everyone around them.

And the backdrop? Hopewood House in Bowral. The house dates back to 1884, designed and built in the grand Victorian era, and is surrounded by eleven acres of gardens.

As Karen said, “It’s about sharing our joy, showing everyone that finally we’re together and we’re so happy – we just want to share that with everyone else.”


Steve and Karen were married at Hopewood House in Bowral, NSW.

Written by Stephen Lee
Marriage Celebrant Sydney