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Stolen hearts – and rings!

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Andreas and Jiaxin - Sydney Marriage Celebrant Stephen Lee - Wedding at Clark Park
Andreas and Jiaxin

They stole each others’ hearts – but someone else stole their wedding rings!

I knew that Andreas had stolen Jiaxin’s heart (and vice-versa) because there we all were earlier this week on a sunny afternoon at Clark Park in North Sydney for their wedding. But then I discovered someone had stolen their rings!

In a piece of extraordinarily bad luck, an opportunistic thief broke into their car while they’d parked up en-route to the wedding – and found the ring box. What a terrible thing to happen.

But to their credit, Andreas and Jiaxin were quite relaxed about it. What else could they do? They certainly weren’t going to let it spoil their wedding day. Good on them.

The wedding went ahead and it was absolutely lovely. Exchanging rings isn’t a required part of a marriage ceremony so it didn’t affect the legal side of things. We skipped that section and carried on. And it was all forgotton as soon as I declared them husband and wife and they kissed to lots of cheering.

Maybe love conquers all after all….

By Stephen Lee
Sydney Marriage Celebrant