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Swipe right for true love

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Tinder Match - Stephen Lee Marriage Celebrant Sydney

How do you find your perfect match? It’s a question everyone asks… and the answer is changing.

It’s always interesting to hear how couples first met. Traditionally, people have got together after meeting through friends, or through working together. I’d say around half the couples I’ve married fall into that category. But the other half are those who met through a dating app or website.

Matchmaking isn’t anything new. There’s always been the lonely hearts ads, the introduction agencies and the speed dating nights. As technology has evolved, the search for love has become less random, more personal, and more accessible. Social attitudes have changed too; any faint whiff of embarrassment from having met online is long gone.

The maths of matchmaking

That’s also clear from the statistics. According to eHarmony Australia’s 2015 Relationship Study, 22% of those surveyed say they met their current partners online, second only to meeting people through mutual friends (24%).

From my experience, I’ve had couples who met on OK Cupid, E-Harmony, Tinder, Grindr – to name just a few. Recently there’s been a trend towards Tinder, which makes sense as it has the most users.  50 million worldwide to be exact making a billion swipes per day. Australians are the world’s top Tinder users with an estimated 15% of the population having accounts. In the younger demographic, it’s 1 on 10 busy swiping, according to Roy Morgan research.

Swipe right

K and G met on Tinder, which turned into lots of long phone calls and lots of messaging. During those early days, they talked about anything and everything, and discovered lots of common ground. Within a week of their first face-to-face meeting they called it official. A few months later, they were engaged, and then I came along to marry them not so long after that.

That speed of engagement (in all senses) isn’t uncommon. As D and M discovered, being able to message and chat extensively online from the start means you can fast forward through the ‘getting to know you’ phase. M told me he isn’t much of a talker but that communication was one great thing they had very early on. And D said how their friendship was the most natural progression into a relationship because of that.

I married M and K almost a year to the day since they first swiped right. Neither had anything on their online profile except a photo, so getting a match was actually quite random. But again, as K explained, “From that first swiping right we were up all hours of the night chatting. It was intense, but it also felt different. I felt really comfortable and the moment we met it all just worked.”

So all that goes to prove you really can swipe right for true love – and with a billion swipes per day – surely those odds are in your favour!

By Stephen Lee

Marriage Celebrant Sydney