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Sydney Sparkles

Liz and Deb Commitment Ceremony - Same Sex Celebrant Sydney Stephen Lee

Sydney sparkled as the sparklers went on Liz and Deb’s fingers. But how much longer must we wait for Marriage Equality?  

Sometimes Monday mornings can be a bit of a drag. But what an awesome way to start the week – a happy and joyful celebration for Liz and Deb! They had a truly beautiful commitment ceremony in Bradfield Park, down by the harbour. I love doing ceremonies there; with iconic views at every turn, it reminds me why I love Sydney. Watching the ferries come and go is always fun, and that’s how Liz and Deb arrived –  a very Sydney way to make an entrance!  

We had a simple yet meaningful ceremony surrounded by their closest friends and family and they totally kicked it out of the park with the vows they’d written for each other. It’s still quite unbelievable that those vows still aren’t legal ones in Australia. I so wish we had marriage equality and I really do remain confident that it will happen, but the speed of progress is too slow. What’s even more frustrating is that we all know the will is there, but the politics part remains a roadblock. I love Australia, but I don’t love that many Australians still can’t get married here.  

In the meantime it’s important we continue to celebrate the love and joy our relationships bring. So I’m so pleased that Deb and Liz decided to do that, and I’m also very pleased they asked me long to join them. Here’s to many more celebrations down by the harbour!  

By Stephen Lee
Sydney Marriage and Same Sex Celebrant