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Guest Blog: Working together with other vendors

Today in a special guest blog, Sydney wedding photographer Lucas Kraus talks teamwork when it comes to weddings.

Lucas Kraus Sydney Wedding PhotographerGetting married is perhaps the biggest day of your life and you need a team of vendors to ensure your big day runs smoothly..  From marriage celebrants to photographers, to catering staff to the company providing seating and decorations for your ceremony, everyone has an equal role to play in making your wedding day unforgettable.

Sydney Marriage Celebrant Stephen Lee is a fantastic example of working together when other vendors. When the wedding photographer turns up to the ceremony, they are usually 2 minutes ahead of the bride, found a random parking spot as close as they can with bags and cameras around their neck.. Stephen Lee has a very calming influence on the people around him, he is organized and always friendly.

As a Sydney wedding photographer, it is critical to speak with the celebrant before the ceremony starts in order to gain an understanding of how the ceremony will play out. I always like to know if the kiss is before or after the signing, if I am able to get a posed wedding photograph of the signing or if there is anything else that may be out of the ordinary.

When planning your wedding, make sure all of your wedding vendors are are on the same page and have a copy of the agenda. It is crucial to ensure your vendors are experienced and reliable at providing their service..

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Written by Lucas Kraus

Sydney Wedding Photographer