Coronavirus COVID19 Weddings - Nine News Australia - Stephen Lee Marriage Celebrant Sydney

COVID19 Chat

Stephen Lee is interviewed by 9 and SBS about the restrictions imposed on weddings in Australia because of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Google Digital Garage - Stephen Lee Marriage Celebrant Sydney

Open to Everyone

Equality is at the heart of what I do, so I am super-excited to be part of a new Google initiative supporting LGBTQI-friendly firms.

Your Money Interview - Sydney Mariage Celebrant Stephen Lee

Destination Australia

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I’ve been on TV to celebrate Valentine’s Day by explaining why Australia has become a big wedding destination for same sex couples.

Happy Anniversary!

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A year ago, Australia said yes to marriage equality. I’ve been speaking to news programs and publications about the amazing Year of Yes.

SBS Marriage Equality Anniversary

Equality Anniversary

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One year since Australia voted Yes to Marriage Equality, SBS News speaks to Stephen Lee about the past 12 months of marriages.

Sydney Marriage Celebrant Stephen Lee Small Business Summit

We mean business

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Today was about conference not confetti as I joined a Sydney small business summit to talk about the wedding industry.

State Library of NSW Wedding - Stephen Lee Marriage Celebrant Sydney

Love in the Library

Ban-ya and Davy met in a library…. so where better to marry than in a library? We created a Non-Fiction Romance section just for them.

Sydney Marriage Celebrant Rings and Certificate

Mardi Gras Marriages

This year’s Sydney Mardi Gras was all about celebrating Marriage Equality. So what better way to join in those celebrations than by getting married?