Stephen Lee Same Sex Marriage Celebrant Sydney

Couples Century

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I’ve just married my 100th same sex couple since Australia updated its marriage laws. Here’s five things I’ve learned.

Sydney Harbour Bridge One Way Sign - Stephen Lee Marriage Celebrant Sydney

Not One Way

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Following Marriage Equality, the Marriage Act now gives you choices over the way you describe yourself and how you identify.

Bronte’s Blog

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So you’ve been invited to a same sex wedding. What’s the correct etiquette? Guest blogger Bronte Price offers his tips.

Google Digital Garage - Stephen Lee Marriage Celebrant Sydney

Open to Everyone

Equality is at the heart of what I do, so I am super-excited to be part of a new Google initiative supporting LGBTQI-friendly firms.

Your Money Interview - Sydney Mariage Celebrant Stephen Lee

Destination Australia

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I’ve been on TV to celebrate Valentine’s Day by explaining why Australia has become a big wedding destination for same sex couples.

Lance and Joe - Sydney Marriage Celebrant Stephen Lee

Jump For Joy

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Everyone at Lance and Joe’s wedding was so excited they all decided to jump for joy when I declared them as legally married!

Stephen Lee - Sydney Marriage Celebrant

2018 In Review

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What an absolutely fantastic year 2018 has been. I’ve made many new friends and celebrated with some amazing couples.

Luke and Victor Melbourne Wedding - Stephen Lee Sydney Marriage Celebrant

The I Do Redo

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Marriage Equality pioneers Luke and Victor celebrated their marriage all over again in their I Do Redo, five years on.