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A Tale Of Two Weddings

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Kevin and Julianne's Wedding at Rose Garden, Royal Botanic Gardens - Stephen Lee Modern Male Sydney Marriage Celebrant

Every wedding I write is completely different and a perfect example of that came a few Saturdays ago, when I had two ceremonies that were the polar opposites of each other in terms of style and approach. Here’s my tale of two weddings.

Royal Botanic Gardens

First cab off the rank was Kevin and Julianne in the Royal Botanic Gardens. This was a lavish affair, with a beautiful setting including a large floral arch, live musicians, champagne and canapés on tap and 120 guests. (It was a scorching hot day and getting everyone to move out of the shade and into their seats was a challenge in itself – I needed all my MC skills to keep a firm grip on proceedings!)

The ceremony was lively, very inclusive and there was a real buzz among the very excited crowd. A crew of photographers were running around, getting all the shots, and a video team was also there to catch all the action.  It was a wonderful wedding and exactly what Kevin and Julianne wanted – absolutely their perfect day.

Cafe Sydney

Contrast that to Jeita and Jess, who had a very small, very intimate and very memorable ceremony which was just as perfect. With the pomp and ceremony of a big wedding stripped away, the focus was entirely on them and their beautiful vows they had written for each other.

Jess and Jeita's Wedding at Café Sydney - Stephen Lee Modern Male Sydney Marriage Celebrant

Jess and Jeita’s wedding at Cafe Sydney

On the balcony of Café Sydney, with an iconic backdrop and close family around us, it was a stylish and classy drinks and canapés party which just happened to be a wedding as well. Everyone shared some champagne and enjoyed some precious family time in an understated yet special way.

So two very different weddings, which required me to take a very different approach to writing them. It proves what I always tell my couples; don’t trust your wedding to a one-size-fits-all celebrant. Your ceremony can be whatever YOU want it to be, not one of four pre-written generic choices from a dog-eared plastic folder. I can make your wedding short or long, busy or quiet, super-simple or extravagant, laid back or more traditional, for 5 people or 500. Everyone is different, and so everyone’s wedding is different too. That’s what keeps life interesting for me!

Kevin and Julianne were married in the Rose Garden, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.

Jeita and Jess were married at Café Sydney.

Written by Stephen Lee
Marriage Celebrant Sydney