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Cruise ship wedding - Amanda and Jonathan - Stephen Lee - Young Male Sydney Marriage Celebrant

Amanda was so excited about her wedding that she literally danced down the aisle as family and friends formed a flash mob!

This was a very exciting ceremony all round. It was my first cruise ship wedding (in fact my first time on board a cruise ship, full stop.) Even though I was getting on and then straight off again, it was a whole new experience for me to walk up the gangplank and into the massive ship.

And as well as a wedding, it was the start of the honeymoon and family holiday, so it was a lot of fun. Everyone at the ceremony were also heading off on the Pacific Jewel for a cruise around the Pacific islands. It made for a very intimate wedding with their very closest family and friends alongside them, up on Deck 14.

Cruise Ship wedding - Pacific Jewel - Stephen Lee - Young Male Sydney Marriage CelebrantAmanda had a special treat for Jono. Halfway down the aisle the music suddenly changed and she broke into a wedding dance. And then one by one, several other guests joined in too. The rehearsals had paid off… you should have seen Jono’s face. What a picture!


Amanda and Jonathan’s cruise ship wedding was aboard the Pacific Jewel cruise ship at White Bay, Sydney.

Written by Stephen Lee
Marriage Celebrant Sydney