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The Name Game

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Baby Naming Ceremony - Stephen Lee Young Male Sydney Marriage CelebrantEveryone thought they were coming to a baby naming ceremony. So you should have seen their faces when they realised what was going on!

The arrival of a baby into the family is always an exciting time, and for those with no religious beliefs, having a naming ceremony is a great way of celebrating that event in a personal and memorable way. So everyone gathered around Mum and Dad in the garden of a restaurant in Woollahra in the spring sunshine to meet the beautiful new baby girl (who was impeccably behaved I might add, lots of giggles and no tears!). We talked about what hopes Mum and Dad have for her, how they want to approach parenthood, and how important everyone around them would be in the years ahead as she found her way in the world. Family was a word we used time and time again as we gave the newborn her name.

And that’s when we sprang the surprise. Mum and Dad also wanted to become husband and wife, so we went from one new name to another (at least for Mum!) While we had everyone together, we moved seamlessly into a marriage ceremony and made it official for Mum and Dad. When I announced that we were going to help Mum change her name too… so everyone shared the same surname….. there was a big cheer as the penny dropped and the guests realised what was about to happen!

Some moments in the ceremonies I conduct are just magical and this was right up there with the best. Celebrating not one but two major milestones for them was just brilliant!

Written by Stephen Lee
Marriage Celebrant Sydney