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The Seo Sunset

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Yeun Mi and Jin Young’s sunset wedding at Vaucluse.

What is it people say about “size doesn’t matter”? Well that was spot on for Jin Young and Yeun Mi’s sunset wedding, which was incredibly intimate, very personal, and lots of fun.

Weddings don’t have to be extravagant to be meaningful. In fact, the simpler weddings are often the most emotional. Strip away all the extras and you have the very essence of your wedding day – when you declare your love for one another and ask your partner to be your husband or wife.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Vaucluse with dramatic views all around, Jin Young and Yeun Mi exchanged their vows in front of a very select group of family and friends. The focus was very much on their love story, and Jin Young had written some wonderful words for his new bride to express his love in a unique way. This was a simple but very pure ceremony which really celebrated the bond between the two.

And right on cue, the sunset cast a wonderfully romantic glow across us all as I declared them husband and wife.

A few days afterwards, they emailed to say thank you, and said they will always remember how special their ceremony was. I’ll always remember it fondly too.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Seo!


Jin Young and Yeun Mi were married at Diamond Bay Reserve, Vaucluse

Written by Stephen Lee
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