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Tropical Love Story

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Coffs Harbour Wedding - Male Sydney Marriage Celebrant Stephen Lee

For a wedding set in a lush beachside resort, it was very fitting that it all began with a tropical love story and song.

Kristie and Dan’s destination wedding was a weekend of love and laughter. Their family and close friends gathered at a beach resort in Coffs Harbour to celebrate.

It all began with Kristie and her bridal party making their entrance to a favourite song – Lava. It played on a screen with the music performed by a musician. Their ceremony was full of contributions from those close to them and lots of people got involved, so it was a very inclusive experience. That’s always the best way to approach a wedding. Making everyone feel a part of it rather than a passive observer makes for a memorable occasion. That isn’t to say everyone there has to perform some kind of role; it’s my job as Celebrant to create a mood and feeling that includes everyone there. Being “in the moment” is always the goal.

it’s always great to include an element which connects with the couples’ background or culture. For Kristie, we did a twist on the sand ceremony. There’s an old Eastern European wedding tradition where, if they couldn’t afford a gift, the family and friends of the couple would bring soil or sand from their own land, crops and farms as a gift of prosperity and happiness for the newlyweds.

Dan and Kristie had sent everyone an envelope with the wedding invitations to fill with sand or soil – whether that’s come from home, a place where they’d made a memory with Kristie and Dan, or from somewhere they hope they’ll experience. To conclude the ceremony, we blended all of that together in a big container for the newlyweds to spread on their garden at their new home back in Sydney.

The party kicked on with a meal under the stars as the waves lapped the beach and everyone danced into the small hours. You could definitely feel the lava/love in the air!

By Stephen Lee
Sydney Marriage Celebrant