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When two become Juan

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I was just about to drive away from Kate and Mark’s wedding at Dunbar House when two people knocked on my car window….

I wound down my window and an elderly couple introduced themselves as locals. My mind began to race… had we disturbed them with our music? Was my speaker too loud? But they said something which absolutely made my day – they’d been walking past and had stopped to watch the wedding, and they thought it was the best one they had seen in a long time. And considering they live next door to one of Sydney’s busiest wedding venues – Dunbar House in Watsons Bay – I took that as a massive compliment and drove home with a grin like a Cheshire Cat!

Words of wisdom

Kate, Mark and Stephen at Dunbar House Watsons Bay - Stephen Lee Modern Male Sydney Marriage Celebrant

I wasn’t the only one with a big smile on my face. Mark and Kate’s ceremony was full of love, laughter and fun as we shared their story and celebrated everything about their relationship. Friends and family had come from far and wide and they were all excited. Their friend Katie put that into words when she told me,

“Today will celebrate what has been, and what will continue to be, a truly loving partnership. I’m so glad that Kate and Mark have found each other and have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together.”

Mark and Kate’s vows to each other were heartfelt and touching, and there was lots of impromptu applause and whoops of excitement all the way through the ceremony. And allow me to share some words of wisdom from Kate, which I thought really hit the nail on the head. She said,”

“Our wedding day may be a huge event but it’s only the beginning. We’re looking forward to everything that’s coming after the wedding too.”

Who knows where life will take them next? And that’s their big adventure ahead.

Smoking hot

Smoke over Watsons Bay - Stephen Lee Modern Male Sydney Marriage Celebrant

When I told everyone the bride looked smoking hot, I wasn’t joking. Sydney was blanketed that day in smoke, which had drifted into the city from the Blue Mountains where fire crews had been back-burning. The usual picture postcard view from Watsons Bay across to the Harbour Bridge looked very different. We could hardly see past the boats moored in the harbour.

That’s a great example of how sometimes you learn to expect the unexpected at weddings. Who could have foreseen the haze? But Mark and Kate did exactly what you should always do in these circumstances – laugh it off and not let it bother you. I always tell couples to worry about what you have control over, not what you don’t. Just like the weather! In fact the photographers said it gave their shots a very atmospheric touch. So every (smoke) cloud really does have a silver lining.

Making music

Having live music at your wedding is always awesome. The Escalators set themselves up under the fig tree and hit all the right notes with a great set. Check them out!

The Escalators perform as guests arrive.

Welcome words

High praise too from Kate’s father, Mark, who said “As father of the bride I both happily and most strongly recommend Stephen. He is a thorough professional and importantly, a class act bringing both style and humour to the ceremony. Thanks again Stephen!”


Kate and Mark’s wedding was held at Dunbar House, Watsons Bay NSW.

Written by Stephen Lee
Marriage Celebrant Sydney