How much does a Funeral Celebrant cost in Sydney?

In most cases, the fee for a Celebrant is set by the Funeral Director organising the funeral. This varies according to each Funeral Director. The exception is for Independent Funeral Celebrants who are engaged directly by the family.

Sadly, the fees Funeral Directors pay Celebrants very rarely recognise the true worth of a Celebrant or the time and talent required to create a meaningful and personal ceremony. When fees are set to maximise the Funeral Director’s profits rather than maximise the best outcomes for the family, this means the resulting ceremonies are less than they could be, despite the Celebrant’s best efforts. By design, they become necessarily generic and unable to reflect all the detail and colour of the life lived.

Therefore there is a growing trend for Celebrants who are frustrated by this outdated model to break the mould and engage directly with families, setting their own fees which are fair, reasonable, truthful and reflective of the skills and experience required to create a wonderful farewell.

Celebrants engaged by a Funeral Director receive between $250 and $450 per funeral. Independent Celebrants set their fees from around $800, often on an hourly rate.