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How much does a Funeral Celebrant cost in Sydney?

This depends on how the Celebrant is engaged to create the funeral ceremony.

Traditionally, the Celebrant is booked by the Funeral Director who has a list of preferred Celebrants. The Celebrant fee forms part of the Funeral Director’s final invoice. In the vast majority of cases, the Funeral Director sets that fee. An average range in Sydney is between $250 and $450. Funeral Directors may add on their own mark up to what the Celebrant receives.

The way we approach funeral ceremonies is changing. Farewells are now much more personal and truly reflective of the life lived. A good Funeral Celebrant will work hard to create a meaningful and memorable ceremony that pays authentic tribute. As we move away from those more generic ceremonies, it is commonly accepted within the Celebrant community that Funeral Director fees do not always account for the time and talent required.

Therefore there is a growing trend for Funeral Celebrants to be engaged directly by the family, in the same way a Marriage Celebrant is chosen for their skills, experience and personality. Service requirements and fees are negotiated and invoiced directly with the family, which allows for a much more bespoke experience. Independent Celebrants set their fees from around $800, similar to the fee for a marriage ceremony.