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How much does a Marriage Celebrant cost in Sydney?

With such a wide choice of Marriage Celebrants, there is an equally wide choice of fees. A good place to start your comparison is with a standard Registry Wedding conducted at your local Births, Deaths and Marriage office. This is a simple and straightforward generic ceremony with a small number of guests, in a set location, during office hours. You can expect to pay around $500 for this service.

Marriage Celebrants offer a full choice of ceremony styles in all locations at the time of your choosing. Some focus solely on price and will offer a very basic service for less than the Registry, some as low as around the $200 mark. Corners will necessarily be cut at this level and your expectations should be lowered accordingly. Other Celebrants concentrate on offering a superior bespoke service, with a fee that reflects their skills and experience. For a high-quality ceremony created and conducted by a respected Marriage Celebrant, fees can reach in the region of $1500.

I cross that spectrum by offering four different levels of ceremony styles and fees to suit all needs and budgets.

When choosing your Marriage Celebrant, make sure you read their reviews, get a clear idea of exactly what they are offering, and try to pick up on their personality to ensure you’re a good fit for each other. Ask lots of questions – there is far more to the work of a Marriage Celebrant than meets the eye!