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What form does a funeral ceremony take?

Every ceremony I write is very different because it is created from scratch especially for the person who has died. The ceremony can take whatever form is the most appropriate. The style and content is very much your choice, and I am entirely flexible with your wishes. I’ll spend lots of time with you to find out what’s important to everyone, hear your stories and memories, and create a ceremony that’s unique, meaningful and authentic, as well as comforting and uplifting.

Think about where you want to hold the funeral or memorial (a funeral is when the body is present, a memorial is when the body has already been buried or cremated). It doesn’t have to be in the crematorium chapel. They have to be booked in time slots and you will be restricted for time. How about a beach, or a park, or even at home?

A ceremony will usually include the following (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • An introduction and welcome by the celebrant
  • A eulogy (facts about the person who has died and some of their life story, written and read by the celebrant)
  • Tributes (stories, memories and anecdotes read by family and friends, woven into the eulogy)
  • Music
  • Video and/or slideshow of their life
  • A committal (a goodbye to their coffin or ashes, if present)
  • A conclusion from the celebrant