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What’s the difference between a Kiss Me Quick Gold wedding and a Tailor-Made wedding?

The difference is the content and length of the ceremony. A Tailor-Made ceremony is fully bespoke, researched and written from scratch by me, with whatever elements you wish included. It lasts up to 30 minutes. Best choice for couples who put a lot of importance on the ceremony part of the day.

The Kiss Me Quick Gold option is a short ceremony chosen yourself from pre-written options lasting up to 15 minutes. Best choice for couples who are less focussed on the ceremony and want the formalities kept short and very simple.

When making your choice, also take into account the expectations of you and your guests. Kiss Me Quick weddings are perfect for more casual locations such as parks and backyards. If you’ve chosen a formal venue and you’re also investing in florals and styling, consider if Kiss Me Quick may be too quick!