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Vows with a view

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Young Male Sydney Marriage Celebrant - Wedding by Stephen LeeOne thing I love about marrying people is when we get to the vows. David and Joanne could run a master class in how to write them – theirs were the perfect mix of making everyone laugh and cry.

When we sat down to plan their wedding, we talked about why they loved each other. Sometimes people find it hard to put that into words, which is why I’m here to help. I could tell David had a lot to say but wasn’t quite sure how to express it. So we talked a few things over and I hoped I’d left him the right tools to put those feelings into just the right words.

And wow, did he do that. He’d obviously given it a lot of careful thought afterwards, because when he sent me his vows, I was blown away. They were so eloquent and really summed up his love for Jo perfectly. They were matched only by Joanne’s vows, which were also so beautifully written and full of emotion.

What made them so great?  In one sentence we were laughing, in the next, quite a few tears were shed. But put simply, they were honest, meaningful and spoken directly from their hearts.

Panorma House Bulli - Young Male Sydney Marriage Celebrant - Wedding by Stephen LeeIt was my first wedding at Panorama House in Bulli. The views from the gazebo are stunning. You can see all the way down the coast to the Illawarra. A big black cloud came our way just before the ceremony and we were shrouded in mist for a while which was certainly atmospheric (excuse the pun!). But just as we were getting ready to begin, the cloud cleared to reveal that amazing view.

I had a wonderful message on my Facebook page the next day from Joanne. She said, “Stephen, thank you so much for doing an outstanding job with our ceremony. You are such a fantastic celebrant, and you made our ceremony perfect! Everyone loved it and we received so many compliments on what an amazing job you did. We had such a fantastic day so many thanks your way!”

Thanks Jo – I loved it too!

Joanne and David were married at Panorama House in Bulli, NSW.

Written by Stephen Lee
Marriage Celebrant Sydney